Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Walk in the Park...

... or a piece of cake whichever way you want to say it. Life over here has become really easy... I have been collecting amazon gifts daily *smiles* My Bank Account is just stuffed with you fuckers CA$H and I am like 15 days pre ordered on panties... life basically is da bomb! Good thing too cause I must admit I perfer to have fun enjoy life... kick it! I hate when life get's messy or rough.. so easy going is fine for Me.

I have been feeling a lot more organized, it's cool cause I am never organized I am always behind just running around like a chicken with My Head cut off! it's silly but it's always amusing. But lately I have been on it! Daily Devotions are coming at an all time rate. I love the new photos I am putting out. I have a new collection of clips coming out which I am excited to introduce soon. My site designer has just submitted a great redo of My Logo...  It's just all good in the HOOD for real... let Me go find some wood to knock on...

I will have some private auction items tomorrow for My Breast Cancer Awareness Drive... Tit Worship bois this is a great way to honor Women, Worship Titties and Get something sexy from the Goddess.

And for your reason for living Today's Daily Devotion.

Roar! This Animal Print Bra and Thong set is just unfair.... I can't help but laugh at the damage I continue to do to your minds, souls and wallets on a daily basics!... You Run to your computer and before you get to the end of My Sexy Ass Pic Sets you have exploded making My Grasp on your tighter and tighter bahahah. I am tapping into your Animalistic Nature 11 hi res pics $5

A Lady Love Gifts